Improve your effectiveness — work to your strengths
Understand how strength development can improve performance and productivity.
Learn how to unlock and develop your, and your employees’, potential and transform everyone’s performance for the better.  Discover why focusing on what your employees are naturally good at positively impacts business performance.

This webinar will introduce you to:
  • a proven way to get the best from your team
  • examples of strengths at work
  • how to improve team dynamics, engagement, motivation and performance
  • the power of a strengths-based culture.
Webinar learning outcomes:
You will learn:
  • why fixing weaknesses is a misguided business strategy
  • the benefits of using strengths
  • the difference between natural talents and strengths
  • how to capitalize on strength diversity
  • how understanding others can enhance communication and reduce friction and frustration.
Suitable for: Accountants, Lawyers, Business Owners, Managers and HR people who manage a team or are responsible for individual and team development within organizations.

The webinar counts for 1 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) hour.