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​​More Than 18 Million People Can't Be Wrong
As a Business Owner, Manager or Leader, it sometimes feels like you're weathering the storm — you're working harder, needing to be more efficient, feeling like there's too much going on, not getting where you want to be, or not having enough time to do what you want.
Perhaps you’re:
  • lacking time for the big issues
  • wondering if your team can achieve more and, if so, how
  • not hitting targets or meeting deadlines
  • wasting time on low-value work
  • dealing with difficult people or poor performers
  • lacking resources, money, people or time
  • needing more skills and capabilities to do what you need to
  • wanting a proven way to work smarter, not harder.

Globalization isn't helping either, economies are shifting and it's more critical than ever to be as efficient and effective as possible. 

The DNA Project provides solutions to the problems you face.
Imagine If You Could
  • increase your effectiveness
  • create a positive workplace where your staff are happy and engaged
  • motivate and energize your employees to work “in flow” more often
  • improve productivity, performance and profit
  • improve time management and efficiency
  • enhance communication
  • improve relationships and reduce friction and frustration
  • understand how to get the best from your team
  • build better teamwork
  • generate more innovation and creativity
  • decrease safety incidents
  • reduce staff turnover and increase loyalty
  • free up time for yourself.
These are real outcomes that can positively impact you and your business.
Achieve Better Results
Business Owners, Managers and Leaders who want to achieve better results for themselves and their teams find The DNA Project's solutions are the answer.
The reason why The DNA Project’s solutions are so effective is that they incorporate a proven tool based on more than 50 years of research and which involved more than 2 million individuals. (1)  Worldwide, more than 18 million people have used this tool. (2)
Accredited to use the tool and provide associated training, you can rest assured that the delivery will be top flight. (3) 
Unleash a potent force.  Get supercharged!
It's not a one-size-fits-all approach, and this is another reason why The DNA Project's performance and productivity improvement solutions are so effective, as they cater to your unique business situation.

It's possible for organizations and individuals to achieve exceptional results and extraordinary growth. (4)
For something so easy, the results can be amazing.
My Story
A while ago, when I was in a different career, I wasn't enjoying my job, even though I'd been in the role for many years and had achieved great things.  My passion for it had evaporated.  I decided to look for a new opportunity.

I started to think about what type of role I wanted to shift to.  I wanted my new role to be much better than my current one.  

I embarked on a journey where I discovered my true strengths, what energized and motivated me, and what gave me satisfaction.  I started to purposefully use my strengths.  Many things changed.

I was no longer disengaged and unhappy:  I was now re-engaged and enjoying my job, my performance shot up to a new level and I stayed in the role for another couple of years. 

The job itself did not change: it remained demanding, full of responsibilities and expectations.  How I applied myself to my job changed, and the satisfaction I gained from it greatly improved.
I’m a typical example of what happens when people use their strengths at work:  they’re more energized, motivated, engaged, productive and fulfilled. 

Now, as an accredited Strengths Coach, I specialize in providing strengths development and a range of performance and productivity improvement solutions.  I help people achieve career and personal success, and businesses to be more effective.
Undiscovered Diamonds
Your best resources are right in front of you.  Like diamonds in the rough — uncut and unpolished — untapped strengths are a valuable resource waiting to be utilized.

In my time as a coach, I've seen many people undergo transformational change. 
"… What I like about working with Jenny is that the coaching is very positive and it focused on my strengths and how to use them.  It was tailored to what I was doing at work, which was particularly helpful for some projects that I was not looking forward to.  Jenny helped me to be more productive, as through the coaching I found ways to do the projects that made them more satisfying and enjoyable, and it helped me to get them done. …

… I recommend strengths coaching as it is the most valuable non-task specific training that I have done.  It is individualized and I can use it across the board with anything that I need to get done.  I now know how to use my strengths to achieve the outcomes I need to.”  Paula Luijken
The results you want are achievable.
The Facts
3 x
6 x
People who use their strengths every day are:
more likely to report having an excellent quality of life,
more likely to be engaged at work,
more productive, and
less likely to quit their jobs. (5)
They also:
  • look forward to going to work
  • have more positive than negative interactions with co-workers
  • treat customers better
  • tell their friends they work for a great company
  • achieve more on a daily basis
  • have more positive, creative and innovative moments. (6)

Teams that focus on strengths every day have 12.5% greater productivity. (7)
Organizations that invest in strengths-based development achieve as much as a  29% increase in profit. (8)

" ... There is a huge amount of knowledge in this strengths programme, and Jenny's coaching went beyond merely understanding what my strengths are. Not only did I leave with the ability to use my strengths to achieve my goals, but with a foundational approach to understanding all of my remaining strengths."  Ben Daniels
When people understand and apply their strengths, the effect on their lives and work is transformational. (9)
5 Good Reasons To Choose The DNA Project
1. Individualized
The DNA Project’s solutions are individualized to you, your team and your goals or projects.  These are not programmes where everyone gets the same material and, after your sessions are over, the materials collect dust on your bookshelf.

2. Support with implementation
The DNA Project provides support to ensure you can utilize the programme content effectively, allowing longer-lasting results.

3. Quality
The DNA Project's resources and programmes incorporate a robust and proven tool which was developed from more than 50 years of research. The tool has now been used by more than 18 million people worldwide.  Accredited to use the tool and provide associated training, quality delivery is assured.

4. Professional
The DNA Project is committed to helping you be as effective as possible and understands how this is integral to your business success.  We provide easy-to-follow resources and use proven methods to facilitate and empower personal and team development.

5. Results
The DNA Project's solutions enable you to achieve sustained results and real impacts.  The research findings demonstrate the value that can be obtained from using and developing your strengths.
The DNA Project’s solutions allow you to work smarter, not harder. 
Choose Your Solution
The DNA Leader™
Take Your Effectiveness To The Next Level — Easily
The DNA Team™
Team Training That Sticks — For Good    

The DNA Employee™
Turn New Employees Into High Performers — Fast
If you want to develop your leadership strengths and address the challenges you're facing, The DNA Leader™ solutions are ideal.
If you want to develop your team, The DNA Team™ solutions will fit the bill.
If you want your new employee to add value to your business as fast as possible, The DNA Employee™ solutions are the answer.
Discover The Keys To Being A More Effective Leader

The DNA Leader™ solutions are ideal for self-development and positively impacting those you lead.   Discover what makes you perform at your best and how to use this awareness to be more successful and effective. 

Choose from the following, customizable options:

The DNA Leader™ Signature:  An elite programme that comprehensively focuses on leadership, management, performance and productivity. 

The DNA Leader™ Standard:  A cost-effective programme that provides a range of productivity and performance improvement solutions. 

The DNA Leader™ Starter:  An entry-level programme to start your journey to becoming a more effective leader. 
"Across the board, having the opportunity to develop our strengths is more important to our success than our role, our title or even our pay."   (10)
Take A Test Drive Today
Start your journey to becoming a more effective version of yourself.
Normally valued at $319. 
$NZ99.00 (incl. GST for NZ Customers)
Includes talent identification and 90-minute coaching session.

Money back guarantee 
A Scientifically-Proven Process For Improving Your Team

Over the years, I’ve witnessed team trainings that are a flash in the pan.  It’s all “rah-rah” at the time of the training, and stays in your mind for a day or two, but then there’s no lasting change in performance.  Day-to-day matters take over, things go back to how they were, and the training never sticks.

The DNA Project’s performance and productivity improvement solutions stick and are ideal for all teams, regardless of whether they are low- or high-performing, or anywhere in-between.

Choose from the following, customizable options:

The DNA Team™ Signature:  An elite programme designed to maximize leadership capability and team performance and productivity. 

The DNA Team™ Standard:  A cost-effective programme designed to leverage the individual and combined strengths of your team and improve the team's effectiveness.

The DNA Team™ Starter:  An entry-level programme which introduces your team to strength development. 
WHEN A MANAGER FOCUSES ON UTILIZING AN EMPLOYEE'S STRENGTHS, the chance of the employee being disengaged is 1%.  When a manager focuses on an employee's weaknesses, the chance of the employee being disengaged is 22%, and, if a manager ignores an employee, the chance of the employee being disengaged is 40%. (11)
Discover how our solutions can benefit your team
Start your team's journey to greater performance and productivity.
Book a no-obligation chat to discuss your team's requirements. 
The Quicker New Employees Generate Results, The Better It Is For Your Business

The DNA Project's new employee programmes assist your new employees to use their strengths to achieve the responsibilities and objectives of their role, so they provide the best possible value to your business in the shortest possible time.

Choose from the following, customizable options:

The DNA Employee™ Signature:  An elite programme that builds on the standard package and provides additional tools to elevate the performance and productivity of your new employee.

The DNA Employee™ Standard:  A cost-effective programme that equips employees with full knowledge of how to increase their effectiveness to fulfil the responsibilities and objectives of their role. 

The DNA Employee™ Starter:  An entry-level programme to provide your new employee with an awareness of their strengths and how to apply them to their role.
​"17% more productive, experience 70% fewer safety incidents, experience 41% less absenteeism, have 10% better customer ratings and are 21% more profitable compared with business units in the bottom quartile".(12)
Turn your new employee into a high performer, fast
Start your new employee's journey to greater effectiveness.
Book a no-obligation chat to discuss your requirements. 


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