“I have been working with my strengths coach Jenny Grace for the last couple of months, completing the Full 34 programme.  I had previously had coaching with Jenny for my Top 5 strengths and had found it very valuable, helpful and useful.  I decided to do the Full 34 programme as I wanted to know how to use the rest of my strengths in different situations.
What I like about working with Jenny is that the coaching is very positive and it focused on my strengths and how to use them.  It was tailored to what I was doing at work, which was particularly helpful for some projects that I was not looking forward to.  Jenny helped me to be more productive, as through the coaching I found ways to do the projects that made them more satisfying and enjoyable, and it helped me to get them done.  I also discovered that I have Arranger, I never knew I had this strength, but now I find I am frequently using it.
As a result of working with Jenny I am now more aware of what my strengths and weaknesses are.  A lot of my strengths are relationship building themes.  Before working with Jenny, I thought my positivity, woo and harmony were just fluffy social themes that help me to get on with people.  I hadn’t seen these as strengths, whereas now I see how they actually are strengths, and I know how I can use them to do what I need to do.

I like the way the coaching made me think about myself, how I use my strengths and how they affect me in different ways.  I have found I am able to use my strengths in many different ways, and now I have a greater awareness of strengths in general.  This means instead of sometimes being frustrated with other people, I now appreciate that they are using a strength and can see what they do is very useful.
I recommend strengths coaching as it is the most valuable non-task specific training that I have done.  It is individualized and I can use it across the board with anything that I need to get done.  I now know how to use my strengths to achieve the outcomes I need to.”
Paula Luijken
"I received a total of three Strengths coaching sessions from Jenny: one on my top five and two on my full 34.  The full 34 sessions were directed towards understanding and combining my top 12 strengths and how to use my top 12 to compensate for my bottom six.

My initial top 5 session was very enlightening, and the work that Jenny and I did would be addressed repeatedly through a separate coaching programme.  Jenny showed a strong understanding of my individual strengths in this session, and pushed me to reach conclusions about how I could use my newfound strengths myself, rather than just providing me with the answer.  I really appreciated the sense of involvement that resulted from this approach, and I was able to take ownership of my top five strengths after this session.

The top 34 sessions dealt with a much larger set of strengths, and once again Jenny proved knowledgeable and insightful.  There was a lot of information to interpret — I remember feeling overwhelmed when I first saw the diverse information that was available.  Jenny allowed me to choose which of my top strengths to look at, rather than just limiting our sessions to the top ten, which I really appreciated as I identified quite strongly with the extra two strengths that we dealt with once I knew more about them.  The time we spent discussing my bottom 5 strengths was incredibly valuable, and we arrived at ways to work around a lack of natural talent in these areas. I left with a great sense of self awareness, which I don't think I could have arrived at without Jenny's help.

There is a huge amount of knowledge in this strengths programme, and Jenny's coaching went beyond merely understanding what my strengths are. Not only did I leave with the ability to use my strengths to achieve my goals, but with a foundational approach to understanding all of my remaining strengths."
Ben Daniels
"The strength training has been beneficial to me from the day I took the 'Strength Finder Test'. Since then, it has gone a long way, from the very basic realisation of my unique 'DNA' which were put to a range of enlightening vocabulary and feel good about them, to my job search and relationships.

I feel very fortunate to have done the first couple of training sessions with Jenny before my job hunt. In fact, it helped me in clarifying what kind of job are 'for me' and which are not, as well as in relating my strengths to the role during the interviews. I must thank Jenny for the coaching which I believe have contributed to myself being handpicked from many capable applicant for this role as a customer experience engineer. Yet, it doesn't stop there. I am using on my top ten strengths on a daily basis such as Strategic and Ideation for approaching problematic issues; Positivity and Activator are certainly what have impressed my current manager. In all, what's good about strength training is that it is not asking you to 'build up' (like what we do to change fats to muscles), but instead, it is a tool to 'bring out the gems', by constantly guiding us on how to use what we already have.

On another note, I would also recommend the session which Jenny did for my bottom five strengths. One of the takeaways is how to transform them, so that instead of being potential weakness, they are my useful resources to exemplify when needed. My bottom one, Harmony, gives me the courage to stand firm and take the necessary actions despite different voices and resistance.

In short, the gist of strength training to me is to live a life which is simply beautiful and delightful, and Jenny is certainly a mentor I feel so grateful to have met."
Yumeng (Mandy) Xiao
"Our team has been working together for some years and I will consider it an effective one — we work well together and achieve our goals on the agreed timeframes — We realised that we will have more fun, be more effective and work better together if we could understand our strengths better, that’s when we decided to do The Strength Team Coaching. 

At the end of the sessions, I felt that we were more engaged in our personal and group goals, we could use our strengths better allowing a more satisfying and rewarding outcome.  I could understand my colleagues better and found more effective ways of communicating."
​Vanessa Lanegra
"On a personal level as the founder of Strengths Network South Pacific, I have enjoyed watching Jenny develop as a Strengths Coach.  Jenny has completed all 3 levels of the training and has mastered all the theory & practice of StrengthsFinder coaching.  It is also evident that Jenny is not only a highly competent coach but that she has the ability to tune in to her clients and customise sessions that provide a deep and practical coaching experience for them.  Well Done Jenny.  It is great to have someone with your abilities in the Strengths Network."
Tessa Dodge, Founder of Strengths Network South Pacific
"Hi Jenny
Please find some of the feedback we have received from your clients for your own professional development.

Client Feedback
I appreciate more about my strengths and can rationalise my behaviours with the underlying motivations or natural tendencies.

I can now recognise and appreciate the diversity of strengths in my friends.

Overall, I have benefited a lot and would highly recommend this to my friends and colleagues.

Coaching has helped me to understand how I can deal with the challenges at work and in life by utilising a combination of my strengths.

Knowing my Strengths has built up my confidence in seizing opportunities that matched with my strengths and how I can demonstrate them to others.

The coaching has been very helpful to gain understanding of my strengths that can be used to take the next step in my career.  My covering letter for a recent job application listed and referenced my Strengths.

Jenny is professional, personable and really knows her stuff.  She encourages you to explore your strengths, provides relevant examples and information, is organised and makes an excellent coach.

Jenny’s coaching helped me understand my strengths and why they help me do my job and where they contribute to the enjoyment of my role.

I really appreciated being able to ask questions and go more in depth in certain areas as the coaching session unfolded more and more about my strengths.  Jenny was great at adjusting the session as needed to cover my tangents while still getting through everything we needed to.  I really enjoyed learning more about how I tick and the knowledge that you can come back for more coaching as questions arise or situations change."

Tessa Dodge, Founder of Strengths Network South Pacific