1. Privacy Act 1993 — The DNA Project (2016) Limited (trading as The DNA Project) is bound by the Privacy Act 1993.  All documentation and information relating to you will be held in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 where required, except as expressly permitted by you in writing (including by email) or as required by law.  For more information, visit

2. Personal information — The DNA Project may collect, retain and update limited personal information that identifies you personally (personal information), such as:
a.  name;
b.  company or organization (for example, where you are acting as the agent for or on behalf of a company that communicates with The DNA Project) or employer;
c.  gender;
d.  age;
e.  ethnicity;
f.  mailing or postal address;
g. email address;
h.  contact telephone number;
i.  reasons for enquiring about or purchasing goods, services or products provided by The DNA Project;
j. history of purchasing goods, services or products provided by The DNA Project and the date, place and method of purchase of such goods, services or products; and/or
k.  feedback provided by you in relation to goods, services or products provided by The DNA Project or in relation to your dealings or interactions with The DNA Project or in relation to your dealings or interactions with other persons who have dealt or interacted with The DNA Project.

3. Collection of personal information — Personal information may be collected directly or indirectly from you.  For example, The DNA Project may request personal information from you or you may provide personal information to the DNA Project when you communicate with The DNA Project for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to preliminary enquiries and whether or not before, during or after the provision to you by The DNA Project of coaching, consulting, mentoring, training or other goods, services or products, and whether or not:
a.  in person;
b.  by telephone;
c.  by an audio and/or video conferencing platform;
d.  by email;
e.  in writing;
f.  by completing and/or submitting any form, survey, questionnaire, research, feedback, or contest entry form, and whether or not in writing, by email, online (such as through The DNA Project’s website) or through any networking or communication platform howsoever;
g.  by completing and/or executing any agreement or contract with The DNA Project in writing, by email, online or through any networking or communication platform howsoever;
h.  by subscribing to a mailing list, whether or not by email or online;
i.  by registering online or by email; and/or
j.  by any other means howsoever.

4. Access to and correction of personal information — You may, upon reasonable written notice (including by email), access the personal information The DNA Project holds about you and you may request that any inaccurate personal information be corrected.  The DNA Project will use reasonable efforts to make corrections to any personal information so requested.  To cover costs, The DNA Project may charge a reasonable administration fee to retrieve any personal information that you may wish to access or correct.

5. Use of personal information — The DNA Project may use your personal information to:
a.  deal with your enquiries or customer service issues promptly and efficiently;
b.  monitor how customer queries and service-related issues are handled by The DNA Project, and to enhance your interaction with The DNA Project;
c.  provide, monitor and market to you future coaching, consulting, mentoring, training or other goods, services or products (whether or not internet related);
d.  understand your needs, and research, develop and improve the goods, services and products provided to you; and/or
e.  keep you informed of developments, events, activities or promotions in areas or goods, services or products in which you have previously shown an interest or in which The DNA Project believes you may be interested.
6. Removal from mailing lists — You can request, upon written notice (including by email), to be removed from any mailing list or similar service provided by The DNA Project.  Your rights of removal may be subject to any additional terms and conditions which apply to the relevant list or service.

7. Collection of other information — To evaluate the performance, improve the content and enhance the user experience of The DNA Project’s website and to evaluate the effectiveness of The DNA Project’s online advertising, marketing and sales campaigns and strategies, The DNA Project may use third parties to collect anonymous information for statistical purposes on activity on or associated with The DNA Project’s website, such as users, website use, demand for relevant goods, services or products, facilities and information, traffic patterns, and related website information. 

8. Disclosure of personal information — The DNA Project will only provide your personal information to third parties when:
a.  you have provided written consent (including by email) to share the personal information;
b.  The DNA Project needs to share your information to provide the goods, services or products in question — for example, Top 5 themes or Full 34 theme ordering in team coaching or mentoring or training sessions;
c.  The DNA Project needs to provide your information to companies with whom The DNA Project has contracted in order to assist with your enquiry, fulfil its contractual obligations to you or otherwise howsoever, such third parties including but not limited to bulk emailing service providers, IT service providers, website developers, marketing agencies, debt collection agencies or finance companies; and/or
d.  The DNA Project is required or authorized by law to disclose personal information.

8.1 The DNA Project will endeavour to ensure that your personal information is not disclosed to any third party in any circumstances except for those circumstances specified in clause 8 above.

8.2 The DNA Project will respect your privacy and will seek written permission before disclosing that you are or have been a client.

9. Permission to include details on coaching log — You acknowledge and agree that The DNA Project and any coach made available to you by The DNA Project to coach, consult with, mentor or train you can include your name, phone number, postal address and email address in its/their logs of coaching hours for coach credentialing, performance monitoring and related purposes.  This information will be treated confidentially and no other information about your coaching will be revealed.

10. No liability — To the fullest extent permitted by law, The DNA Project shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, punitive or exemplary damages or any loss of business, interest, goodwill, revenue, profit, or loss or corruption of data arising out of The DNA Project’s need to obtain your personal or business details or confidential material relating to you personally or your business.

11. Security — The DNA Project is committed to ensuring the security of your personal information.  All reasonable precautions will be taken to protect your personal information from loss, misuse or alteration.

​12. Changes to Privacy Policy — The DNA Project reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time and without notice.  The Privacy Policy as changed shall apply from the date of the change.  By continuing to use The DNA Project's website or to engage or interact with, participate in, enquire about or purchase any goods, services or products provided by The DNA Project after any such change, you are deemed to have agreed to the amended Privacy Policy.