Jenny Grace
Performance and Productivity Improvement Coach
​Director of The DNA Project
You have potential beyond what you imagine.  That’s what I believe. 

I’ve built my career on helping people harness their unique resources to powerfully seize their aspirations, goals and objectives.

People are integral to business success.  No matter your type of business or your goals, to achieve success you need an effective team.  I help you and your team to be their best.

Here’s my journey and what drives me to create positive impacts on people and businesses.

I started in science, completing a PhD in Chemistry.  I then applied myself to the engineering, technical and quality aspects of products and processes. 

I soon found myself more interested in human dynamics.  This led me to complete psychology and business qualifications and extend my knowledge of organizational development. 

My experience in managing and elevating the performance of teams led me to believe that higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness were possible.  That's when I became an accredited coach, trained to use the acclaimed Gallup CliftonStrengths™ tool.

Now, through The DNA Project, I specialize in providing a range of performance and productivity improvement solutions, including strengths development, to help businesses to be more effective, and individuals to achieve career and personal success.
Accredited CliftonStrengths™ Coach
PhD (Chemistry) — University of Auckland
MSc(Hons) — University of Auckland
BSc — University of Otago
GradDipArts(Psych) — Massey University
PGCertBus — University of Auckland
My Top 5 CliftonStrengths™ Themes
Learner®, Achiever®, Maximizer®, Consistency™, Relator®  
My Top Values
Variety, Accomplishment, Excellence, Modesty, Directness
Professional Membership
Strengths Network South Pacific

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